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Care and Maintenance of oak flooring

Just a few easy steps in care and maintenance of oak flooring will make a huge difference.

  • Wipe up spillages immediately and never allow water, spills, or cleaning products to remain for any length of time on the floor surface.
  • Please make sure when watering your house plants there is no spillage. Water under the plant pots will create black circles deep into the wood, this is hard to get rid off.
  • Always use felt pads on the legs of chairs and all other furniture to prevent scratches. Keep the pads free of grit and replace them as often as needed.
  • When moving appliances or other heavy items, always place a leftover planks from flooring or sheets of hardboard under the item to protect your floors from scratches and dents. When moving heavy items it is not enough to cover the flooring by a dustsheet. This will not help. Ensure that service personnel and delivery people do the same.
  • Use rugs in places like kitchens and door entries where spills or heavy traffic are most likely to occur. Ensure that damp rugs are not left on your floor and be careful if you have UFH because the floor area beneath the rug can overheat.
  • Try to avoid walking on the floor while wearing high heel shoes, or other footwear that may cause indentations or scratches. Although very hard and durable, oak is still a natural product.
  • Wood is hygroscopic material (soak up water). It will expand and contract depending on the changes to the surrounding conditions. To minimize wood movement and shrinkage, the interior of your house has to have a constant moisture level. This means, when leaving for holidays in winter, the heating will need to be still on. Late autumn, don’t leave the windows and doors open late into evening, moisture in the air will expand the flooring.
  • Take care of your floor and recoat it as needed, depending on wear and tear. If the finish on any part of your floor gets worn down to exposed wood, and it gets even slightly damp, it will create black stains and require deep sanding for restoration to its former glory. How often you recoat your floor depends on the wear and tear it receives, along with your personal preferences as a home owner.
  • For removing spot marks such as polish, always use a cleaner that’s specifically designed for wood flooring. All our flooring is finished with Osmo oils, we would recommend to use Osmo Wash and Care. Please be careful not to rub the surface too hard and never use anything abrasive. This will take the shine of the boards, to repair it you would need to recoat it again with Osmo oil.
  • When hoovering the floor always use the soft attachment to make sure you don’t scratch the floor surface.

Wood is hygroscopic material (soak up water). It will expand and contract depending on the changes to the surrounding conditions. When the flooring starts to lift, warp or swell, please let us know asap.

This can be caused by water leakage or very high moisture content in the air.  Do not leave it for months and hope that the swell will go down. It will not! The experts will need to be called in to find the cause of the problem.

By following these few simple tips about the care and maintenance of oak flooring you will enjoy a nice looking floor for many years.

Still looking for more information? Feel free to explore our top maintenance products and flooring repair services.

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