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Contemporary oak flooring

Contemporary oak flooring trends

At Fine Oak Flooring we offer a wide variety of French solid oak and engineered oak flooring, both contemporary and traditional in style. Oak flooring continues to be a desirable choice within flooring options for its stylish, renewable and hardwearing features.

Current trend in oak flooring is moving towards the wider plank width. Wider plank flooring is defined as anything over the standard 125 mm width. Our wide plank oak floorboards range in widths from 150mm up to 245 mm wide with a choice of rustic, natural and prime grade. Wide oak flooring offer luxurious and expensive look showing plenty of characteristic features of oak.

The finish and the colour of floorboards are crucial to determine a contemporary look in any property. Colours such as White, Smoke White, Light or Dark Grey are the colours to choose to achieve the desired effect.

Our contemporary oak flooring, Scandi style oak comes in many finishes. Fine Oak Flooring offer Chateau range (smooth finish), Colonial range (wirebrushed finish) and in Antique range (tumbled or cross sawn finish).

Contemporary Chateau oak flooring

Chateau range oak flooring (smooth finish). From left; White, Vanilla, Light Grey, Smoked White, Dark Grey.

Contemporary oak flooring

Colonial oak flooring range (textured, wire brushed finish). From left; White, Smoked White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Double Smoked.