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Oak flooring in Cambridge

This beautiful natural grade, wire-brushed French solid oak flooring from our Colonial range in Cambridge was installed by gluing it to the concrete sub-floor using Sikabond adhesive.  We cladded the stairs with the same oak flooring to give the hall a uniformed look. The direction of the flooring was determined by the shape of the rooms and the layout of the house.

At Fine Oak Flooring, we have an extensive knowledge and experience in fitting solid oak flooring directly on to concrete floors. Knowing about the properties of oak flooring is critical for professional installation. We emphasize the importance of using quality materials to fit and finish. The right choice of primers, glues and finishing materials will not only protect your investment, but enhance the longevity of your flooring. Here are a few pictures of the installed oak flooring in Cambridge.

Wirebrushed oak flooring fitted in Cambridge

Wire brushed solid oak flooring fitted in Dinning room

oak flooring Cambridge

Details of the Dinning room floor.

Oak flooring fitters in Cambridge

Living room floor.


Living room





Cladded stairs with the same wire brushed oak to match the rest of the flooring in the house.