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How to refinish hardwood floors

How to refinish hardwood floors

Before we fill the gaps, cracks and open knots in the floorboards, we need to clean the flooring from dirt and dust.

To fill the knots you can mix fine sawdust with resin filler to a consistency of a mayonnaise, not very thick. As the resin dries very quickly the best is to mix a small amount of filler. Press the filler hard into the cracks and knots of the wood by using spatula. Leave the filler to dry about one hour, depends on the size of filling.

Start sanding the floorboards once the filler is fully dry. Initially use 80 or 100 grade sandpaper to clean the excess filler off the boards. Finally, use 120 grade sandpaper to finish off  the floorboards.

Floorboards are ready for finishing with three coats of lacquer or two coats of oil.

Osmo Polyx oil is a market leader for floorboards. This is the original hardwax oil, very thick and hardwearing. Apply the oil very thinly with block brush 4-6’’ wide. Two coats of oil are applied with 24 hour drying time between coats. Oil will not raise the grain of the wood and therefore there is no need to sand the flooring between coats. The room can be used 24 hours after the second coat. Oil is still quite soft and it will cure after few days.

The same finishing method also applies to newly fitted unfinished hardwood floors.

Unfinished solid oak flooring with open knots ready to be filled and finished.

Fitted unfinished solid oak flooring with open knots, ready to be filled

Mixing the filler for unfinished solid oak flooring to fill cracks and open knot in the floor.

Mixing the filler with fine sawdust

Filling unfinished solid oak flooring with filler mixed from saw dust and resin filler

Filling unfinished solid oak flooring with filler which is fine sawdust and resin filler mix

Filled knots on solid oak flooring. Flooring is filled with resin and sawdust mixture, ready to be sanded and finished.

Filling the knots and cracks with sawdust and resin mix

Filled and sanded solid oak flooring, ready for finishing with oil.

Filler is left to dry for an hour before sanding

Filled and sanded solid oak flooring finished with hard wax oil

Finished floor with Osmo hardwax oil

Unfinished solid oak flooring is filled, sanded and finished with oil.

Finished solid oak flooring