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Trimming the skirtings

One of the options is to use Scotia beading to finish the edges of the fitted floor. Some might argue that it looks cheap and spoils the whole look of a newly laid floor. The other option is to trim the bottom of the skirting. Flooring is then fitted underneath the skirting boards. The overall finish looks clean and neat without the additional beading.

Fine Oak Flooring Ltd.  has an expertise in trimming the skirting. Fitting oak flooring under the trimmed skirting is not easy. It does require some effort and skill but the end result is worth it.

flooring fitted under trimmed skirtings

Solid oak flooring fitted under trimmed skirtings

trimming the skirtings and fitting solid oak flooring

Skirting was trimmed before the flooring was fitted

fitting oak flooring under trimmed skirtings

Detail of fitted flooring under the trimmed skirtings


trimmed skirtings

Neatly trimmed skirting boards with installed rustic oak flooring

Just a few of many oak flooring installations we completed by trimming the skirting boards and sliding the oak flooring under the boards. Fitting wood flooring under skirting boards is a much preferred choice to finish the flooring by our costumers.


Close up detail of trimmed white skirting boards with a gap. This gap is just big enough to fit oak flooring by sliding it under.


Fitting wood flooring under skirting boards completed


225mm wide plank engineered oak flooring installation under the trimmed skirting boards

Wide plank engineered oak flooring installed  in a Hallway

Wide plank engineered oak flooring installed in the Hall in St. Albans


We are using this trimming method is also in Kitchens to trim the already installed Kitchen units. By trimming the units we can neatly install your new floor without a need of extra trims. These scotia trims are spoiling the neat look. Floorboards are installed under the units and the plinth is then cut to size to cover the edge of the flooring.

Trimmed bottoms of Kitchen units for the oak flooring to be installed under these units in situ.

Kitchen units trimmed in situ, ready for the solid oak flooring to be installed by sliding them under

Solid oak flooring being installed under the Kitchen units.

Solid oak flooring is being installed under the trimmed Kitchen units

Finished installation of golden  coloured solid oak flooring under the white Kitchen units

Installation of solid oak flooring completed.