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Wood flooring St Albans

Our clients in St. Albans increased their living space by removing the dining wall and extended the room to create an open plan contemporary Kitchen–Diner space. We were approached with the request to supply oak flooring that will match up with the one that was installed in the old dining room 7 years ago.

At Fine Oak Flooring, we have the necessary in-house skills to undertake such projects, where the seamless and smooth transition between old and new floorboards must be achieved. This is a highly specialised job, which requires a high level of expertise and many years of experience.

To achieve a desired transition, a few carefully selected already fitted floorboards were cut out, and replaced by new floorboards. It was a challenging task since the flooring was glued to the concrete. We had to make sure that by removing the old floorboards we did not damage the tongues and grooves on all the remaining ones. All tongues and grooves of the removed floorboards were cleaned from glue. We treated the rest of the concrete floor with Sika Primer to seal the concrete.

Once the preparation for installation was carried out, the fitting process commenced in the doorway to join up the old and the new wood flooring in St. Albans. This method is called weaving in the new boards, and results in a natural continuation of the staggered pattern or layout into the next room.

After preparation, we installed the new flooring, filled the knots with mixture of oak saw dust and resin. Next step was sanding the whole floor down with belt-sander.

The last step was to finish the floor. Floor cleaned, trims fitted, ready for oiling with Osmo hardwax oil. Finally we apply two thin coats of oil to finish the floor to achieve the desired look.

Repairing oak flooring. Old solid oak floor needs to be cut out and the new floor will be fitted seamlessly.

Solid oak wood flooring in St. Albans will be extended into the new Kitchen. Before we start, we mark the shorter boards which we will cut out.

Oak floor repair in St. Albans. Floorboards are cut out ready for the new flooring to be fitted.

First step is to cut out the marked floorboards then clean the tongue and grove on the floorboards. All of the original floorboards are perfectly cleaned from glue.

oak floor repairs in St. Albans. Old and new floor in a door way.

Next step is to weave in the new floor before the final finishing. Because we cleaned the old flooring, we achieved a seamless fit between old and new flooring.

repaired oak wood flooring St. Albans

To fill the old and the new floor before sanding down the whole floor with belt sander. Finally we finished all oak flooring with two coats of Osmo Polyx oil, satin finish.