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Oak floor refurbishment

How often to re-sand and re-oil the floor will depend upon the traffic your floor experiences and the maintenance.

Every oiled oak flooring needs maintenance. Treat the oiled floor approximately every 18 month with Osmo maintenance oil.

Once you notice the signs of wear and tear, your oak flooring should be re-sanded and oiled. First signs usually occurs around the Entrance Hall, in doorways or by the back door or in the Kitchen.

Oak floor refurbishment (re-sanding and re-oiling) is needed when the grain of the worn oak floorboards turns grey/black. First you will notice few spots of gray or black marks alongside the grain. Later the line of the grain will change to grayish, black colour.

Without a much needed oil protection the water and dirt will soak in to the wood easier and cause damage. The flooring will require re-sanding and an application of a new oil treatment.

Repairs depends on the extent of the damaged and worn surface.

Sand down the damaged floor to bare wood the worn. Finish off with fine, 120 grit sandpaper and then apply Osmo polix oil by brush. Leave the the freshly oiled surfaces dry overnight. Then apply a second layer of Osmo polix oil and leave it to dry further 12-24 hours.

At Fine Oak Flooring, we carry out maintenance and flooring refurbishment and renovation.

We strongly recommend to use the same finish for repairs. Always use oil on oil or varnish on varnish otherwise the finish will either crack or flake off.

For more information about our maintenance products and oak flooring refurbishment services please call us on 01727 826500.

Older oak flooring showing the signs of wear. When the oak flooring start to show the black marks its time to refurbish you old oak flooring

Warn oak ready for sanding. It will start with a few spots of grey/black marks like this.

Clear signs of a worn oak flooring which needs rfurbishment

When your old oak floor starting to look like this, its time to re-sand and re-oil it.

Dark patches on oak flooring. This flooring clearly in need of sanding and re-oiling .

Dark patches appearing everywhere. The oil finish is worn and the dirt affecting the flooring. When you floor looks like this, it is ime to renovate.