Oak floor fitting services

Our oak floor fitting services include free site surveys, technical advice on sub-floor preparation and installation. All services are carried out in a friendly and professional manner to satisfy all your needs. We take care to advice you on different colours and finishes of oak flooring. Help you to make the right decision that will demonstrate your desire for quality and style.

Natural oak wood is a dynamic material. Like all natural products, it responds to its environment, and changes over time. Because of its “character,” oak flooring should be treated with understanding and a certain amount of care. Knowing about the properties of oak flooring is critical for professional installation.

Finding the right installer is as important as finding the right product. You’ll need someone who you feel absolute confidence in in every aspect of the process. From sub-floor preparation, installation through finishing touches and maintenance. Fine Oak Flooring has over 11 years of experience in fitting solid and engineered oak flooring. We have extensive knowledge and experience to satisfy any customer.

Fine Oak Flooring ltd have extensive experience of working with architects, designers and contractors. We are here to help and to provide you with whatever advice and support you will need through the installation process. Over the last 11 years Fine Oak Flooring has been working on many different residential and commercial projects. Our residential projects include London penthouse flats, suburban houses, cottages, barn conversions newly build and old.

Fine Oak Flooring Ltd not only supply and install oak flooring, we also clad stairs, repair and refurbish floors.

Stair cladding is becoming very popular.  More and more clients choose to cover the stairs with oak instead of carpet them. Cladding stairs with oak is more hygienic that carpet. It is also more cost effective than carpet. Oak clad stairs are impressive too.

Fine Oak Flooring Ltd is a family flooring company based in Hertfordshire. Installation services also available in London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Cambridge, Surrey, Kent and Essex.

For larger projects we fit our oak flooring further a field as well, even abroad. Installations also carried out as far as Amsterdam and Cannes in France.

Please give us a call for more information about our oak floor fitting services on 01727 826500. 

Fitting oak flooring by secret nailing

Fitting oak flooring by secret nailing.  When failing to fix down solid oak flooring to sub-floor, excessive movement in the floor may cause problems. We strongly recommend fitting solid oak flooring either by nailing or gluing to sub-floor.


Fitting solid oak flooring on concrete by gluing it. Gluing the flooring to concrete will give you strong, solid feel. On the very old and not very flat concrete we use so called liquid batten system. On the very flat, level concrete apply the glue with notch trowel

Old stair cladding with oak

Cladding old stairs with solid oak. Stairs will look always much better clad with oak than carpeted. Also the carpet on stairs will not last more than couple of years. Oak clad staircase will be up to date with the rest of the flooring in the property. It is very impressive and will add value to the property. 

Old stairs before oak stair cladding

Before the oak stair cladding. Stairs were old, battered and not in great shape

Oak clad stairs with medium dark oak

Oak clad stairs with medium dark oak in Shepherd Bush, London. Lots of our customers go with oak stair cladding once they see our references.

For more information, please call us on 01727 826500 to discuss your project.