Smoked white oak flooring

In this project our client choose smoked white oak flooring fro Colonial collection. Before we primed the concrete sub-floor with Sika Primer we had to removed the original parquet flooring.

We primed the concrete to block the bitumen which was used for the parquet blocks. This primer is also very useful for damp-proofing the concrete floor and it also hardens the surface of the concrete for better bonding.

Flooring glued directly onto treated concrete with Sikabond 54 Wood floor. This elastic glue is ideal for solid oak flooring as it moves with the floorboards and keeps the boards together.

Finally we installed new skirting boards.

The Colonial, wirebrushed oak flooring was finished with Osmo hardwax oil. There was no need for additional finish to be applied after fitting.

This can range from white stain to smoked black finish. The floorboards are then wirebrushed giving them a nice textured feel and look and finished either with Osmo hardwax oil or Osmo stain.

This smoked white oak flooring is very popular at the moment.

Wire-brushed smoked white oak flooring

Wire-brushed smoked white oak flooring