Natural oak flooring

Natural oak flooring as a flooring material is better than carpet or vinyl, both practically and aesthetically. The natural solid oak flooring is more than a covering; it adds stability and strength to the floor system. Natural oak is durable and long-lasting. Occasional sanding and refinishing essentially results in a brand-new floor. Aesthetically, the natural oak has an attractive texture and natural warmth. This grade compliment any interior. You can use it equally in a contemporary or traditional interiors.

At Fine Oak Flooring we use sustainable sources for all our oak flooring. We suppy solid oak and wide plank engineered oak flooring for contemporary large open spaces. All our oak flooring including the natural oak flooring is from Dordogne, France. All flooring is PEFC certified. Oak from Dordogne is very dens which makes the floor very hardwearing and long-lasting. Flooring has an attractive texture with lots of natural characteristic features.

One of the main features of the natural oak flooring is the medullary rays. These rays are natural characteristics to the oak species. They are also call them pith rays or wood rays. In quarter-sawn timber, the wood is cut into boards with the growth rings roughly perpendicular to the face of the board. The medullary rays often produce beautiful figure such as silver grain, medullary spots, pith flecks, etc. Natural Grade flooring contains distinct variations in coloration and varying wood characters.Open knots up to 40mm in diameter and closed healthy knots up to 90mm are allowed. Very limited amount of sapwood permitted.

At Fine Oak Flooring, the natural solid oak flooring is 20mm thick.  Comes in various width of 150mm, 170mm, 185mm and 205mm width. Our engineered oak is 15mm thick and 155mm, 175mm, 190mm and 225mm wide. Engineered oak is also available in 20mm thickness with 5mm solid oak wear layer and 225mm or 245mm width. Flooring comes unfinished or filled and finished with Osmo hardwax oil. Also wide selection of wire-brushed or distressed finishes are available.

For a specific project we can also treat the flooring with ecological fire retardant. Our natural oak flooring has the European Bfl-s1 class certificate according to the EN-13501-1 norm. A Bfl-classified product has a very minor contribute to fire growth, and does not result in a flashover.

Natural oak flooring comes in random length from 600mm to 2400mm. We guarantee long length oak flooring which gives you the expensive look. At least 70% of our oak flooring will be between 1700mm and 2400mm.

Natural oak flooring is the most popular choice amongst our customers. It adds lots of character and warmth to the house. Natural grade oak flooring is truly a beautiful grade!

Unfinished natural oak flooring. Filled and sanded, ready to be finished.

Unfinished natural oak flooring. Filled and sanded, ready to be finished.

Natural oak flooring from Chateau range oak flooring fitted in Living room in St. Albans

Chateau Natural oak flooring installed in St. Albans. Natural grade oak flooring has a uniform colour and few knots to give this grade lots of character. Natural grade flooring is our best-seller grade.