Unfinished solid oak flooring

Fine Oak Flooring Ltd supplies unfinished solid oak flooring and finished solid oak flooring.

Our unfinished solid oak flooring is 20mm thick and 150mm, 170mm, 185mm, 205mm wide. We specialize in long length oak flooring where at least 70% is 1700-2400mm long!

Floorboards are long and there is tongue and groove on all four sides of the plank. As a result it is easier to install this flooring.

We offer two types of unfinished flooring. We have planed only floorboards with open knots. This unfinished oak flooring is suitable for more rustic look. The filled and sanded oak flooring is a preferred choice for a less rustic look. Both floorboards are ready for oiling, staining or lacquering.

The solid oak flooring is kiln dried to 8-12% moisture content. Because there are stress grooves on the bottom side of the floorboards there is less tension in the plank which minimise warping.

Because the floorboards are tongue and groove on all four sides, there is not much waste. We recommend to add only 5% extra for offcuts when you order this unfinished solid oak flooring.

Solid oak flooring needs to acclimatise on site for 1-2 weeks before fitting the floor. This is important as the flooring will loose or gain moisture depending the site conditions. By seasoning the floor on site will affect the long term stability of the installed floor. As a result there will be less long term problems with the floor like warping, open gaps between boards or humps.

Sample of unfinished solid oak flooring, knots are not filled. Planed only light cream coloured solid oak flooring.

Unfinished solid oak flooring with open knots. You can install and finish this floor as it is or fill the knots before finishing these boards. Open knots will suit more rustic look. By filling the knots you create a more sophisticated look.

Close up of filled untreated oak flooring with sanded finish.

Unfinished solid oak flooring, filled and sanded, ready for finishing. After installation, flooring needs cleaning and finally finishing with oil, stain or varnish.

Unfinished solid oak flooring

Unfinished solid oak flooring. Top and bottom side of our unfinished solid oak flooring. This flooring is T+G on all four sides with stress grooves on the back of the floorboards to minimise the tension in the board.