Wide plank oak flooring

Wide plank oak flooring


Current design trend in hardwood flooring is moving towards the wide plank oak flooring.  Wide plank oak flooring is a stunning feature in any interior, contemporary or a classic period property.  It is an attractive and expensive looking floor that shows plenty of characteristic features.

Fine Oak Flooring Ltd offers two types of wide plank oak flooring:

Solid oak flooring is 100% solid oak. This is a natural product that responds to air humidity. The wider the solid oak floorboard is the more likely it will cup and warp. Because of these properties of solid oak flooring, we offer maximum width of 185mm width in finished oak. With solid oak flooring expect more seasonal movement in this floor. Solid oak flooring is more suitable for smaller rooms.

Engineered oak flooring has cross-layers of plywood and real oak wood used for top layer. This structure of the engineered plank  will enhance the internal balance and reduces the possibility of twisting or warping. Seasonal movement is minimal. Dimensional stability through seasonal humidity and temperature fluctuations is superb.

These properties of engineered oak flooring allow us to create wider planks with superb dimensional stability. Therefore this flooring is suitable for larger spaces or even in dry, damp-proofed basements. Engineered oak flooring is suitable for larger areas and open-plan living spaces.

Both solid oak and engineered oak flooring will react to the air humidity and will expand and contract. It is crucial not to only correctly choose your wide plank oak flooring, but also to have it installed by wide-plank expert installers.

The common misconception is that the wide plank oak flooring will make the room look smaller. This is not strictly true. Because the wide planks will create fewer lines between the boards and make the floor look less busy.

Solid oak flooring comes in 150mm, 170mm, 185mm and 205 mm width.

Wide plank engineered oak flooring is available in 175mm, 190mm, 210mm, 225mm or in Colonial oak and Antique Tumbled oak flooring collections we can do as wide as 245mm!

Our customers can choose from rustic, natural and prime grade oak from most of our flooring collections. Both rustic and natural oak flooring grade has the character and if you want sophistication the prime oak flooring will be the best choice.

There is a wide collection of flooring available in many different finishes. Chateau oak flooring (smooth finish), Colonial oak (wirebrushed, textured finish) and Antique Tumbled oak (with lightly distressed edge) Antique Cross Sawn oak ( heavily distressed oak flooring with cross sawn marks and wire brushed finish).

All our wide plank engineered oak flooring collections are finished with matt uv cured Osmo hardwax oil which gives the floor the much desired natural look. Floorboards are fully finished and no additional finishing is needed after installation.

For more information please see our wide oak flooring products here.

Wide plank oak flooring

Wide plank solid oak flooring. Flooring width is 205mm. This width comes only unfinished. Flooring finished with 2 coats of hard wax oil after installation.

Wide plank solid oak flooring installed in Sevenoaks

Wide plank solid oak flooring installed in Sevenoaks. Solid unfinished oak 20x205mm finished on site with Osmo hardwax oil. Client choose this floor for it’s character and warmth.

Wide plank engineered oak flooring installed in a large open plan Kitchen. Chateau Extra Smoked Natural in 225mm width. Natural grade oak flooring with it’s character is also suitable for contemporary interiors. Wide plank engineered oak flooring installed in this country style Kitchen. Colonial Smoked oak flooring in 245mm width. The 245mm wide planks are the widest oak flooring we currently offer.