Apartment in Maida Vale, West London

Area 70sqm
Flooring Engineered oak flooring 20/5x225mm
Finish Chateau oak - Natural
Grade Natural
Sub-floor Original floorboards, plywood and ceramic tiles
Fitting Floating floor
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Oak flooring installation in Maida Vale, North London

Simply stylish and elegant, I would describe this apartment set on the second floor of a highly desirable mansion block in the heart of Maida Vale.

Flooring is a key component of interior design, and the use of complementary tones and textures is a great way to evoke a particular ambiance. The natural colour of oak, texture and oil finish of floorboards really compliment the interior of this beautifully designed apartment.

Chateau Oak in Natural oil finish and in natural grade was selected and installed in this open plan Living/Dining room, Kitchen and the Entrance hall to give continuity throughout the apartment.

Installation process

There were few key elements in this project that we had to pay attention to. Being a second floor apartment the noise reduction played an important part in the installation process. In order to reduce impact noise transmition, the selected engineered oak floorboards were fitted as a floating floor, with an application of an underlay with good sound insulation properties.

Another key element of this project was to achieve a feeling of a larger space by creating solid continuous flooring throughout the apartment. Before the whole process of installation, the floor in the Living room needed to be raised in order to level it with the rest of the floors in the apartment. Once the floors were levelled with an application of plywood, the new oak flooring was fitted without any steps or breaks to achieve that airy spacious living space.

Special care and attention was given to the skirting boards, which were original features of the apartment with intricate design. Normally, the skirting boards are removed and put back again to hide the necessary expansion gap. Of course, given the age of the skirting and the rusty nails with which they were fixed to the wall, we couldn’t remove them without damaging the boards. To avoid the damages to the skirting boards, the decision was made to trim them in situ instead, and slide the new oak floorboards underneath them. This technique is especially effective if you would like to eliminate the use of Scotia bead or any type of beading alongside the skirting to hide the expansion gap.

At the end it is always the final finishes and attention to details that make all the difference.

We are absolutely thrilled with the end result, and pleased that our flooring compliments the elegant design of this apartment.


“Erik and his team at Fine Oak Flooring have just installed a beautiful oak floor that has transformed my flat. Their workmanship is top notch, with finishing that makes all the difference to the end result. I highly recommend them for people considering wooden flooring; the price is reasonable and the quality is outstanding”

Charlotte R – Maida Vale, London W9