Stair Cladding

Oak Stair Cladding

Affordable and Stunning masterpiece!

Fine Oak Flooring is specialising in oak stair cladding and stair refurbishment. Stair cladding has become increasingly popular in the last few years. As more and more clients choose oak flooring for their bedrooms and landing areas, cladding the stairs with oak seems to be a natural step to add a huge difference to the overall interior design.

You can create a stunning masterpiece by cladding the stairs with oak and transform the entire living space. We use the highest quality of solid oak for stairs cladding.

The installation is quick with minimum disruption to your daily routine. It can take one or two days to complete the project depending on the design of the stairs and their condition. Before any cladding commences, the condition of the staircase is checked for any damages and repaired accordingly to make the staircase structure strong and durable. The risers and treads are fitted using the highest quality solid oak. Staircase that is clad by oak will create a beautiful focal point in the entrance hall, and it is affordable too. Depending on the customer specification we will clad open as well as closed stringer staircase.

The difference between the closed and open stringer is that in open stringer staircase, the treads sit on top of the stringer and extend past it, whereas, in the closed stringer staircase the small knee wall rises above the treads and closes them.

For more information about oak stair cladding or if you have a specific project you would like to discuss, please call us on 01727 826500.