Pre finished oak flooring

Fine Oak Flooring offers the following range of pre finished oak flooring.

Chateau oak collection

This pre-finished flooring range is filled, sanded and oiled oak flooring. The flooring has a smooth finish. Chateau oak flooring is equally suitable flooring option for contemporary or traditional interior.

Pre-finished oak flooring from Chateau oak collection

Pre-finished oak flooring from Chateau oak flooring collection is the most contemporary looking collection. It gives you sophistication and warmth.

Colonial oak flooring

The floorboards are filled, sanded, wirebrushed and pre-finished with Osmo Polyx oil or stain.

The softer spring wood is removed by brushing the floorboards with steel brush to leave the harder summer grown wood with sunken knots. This gives the flooring its texture, accentuates the grain and gives the floor a distinct look. Wire-brushed floor gives you texture and warmth. Colonial, wire brushed wood flooring is also perfect for wall cladding to create a stunning feature to enrich any interior.

Pre-finished oak flooring from Colonial oak collection

Pre-finished oak flooring from Colonial oak collection is a perfect choice for the character and warmth.

Antique Cross sawn oak flooring

Beautifully hand crafted solid oak flooring to create the worn look as if it was a century old floor. This range of oak flooring has cross sawn marks. By hand sanding and distressing the floor boards for uneven finish will give this collection a real worn feel. Additional wire-brushing gives the flooring even more character and authentic old look.

Antique Cross sawn oak flooring is great either for period properties or for very modern houses to complement the bold modern lines of minimalist furniture. It is also great for creating feature walls. Flooring has a textured finish.

This Antique Cross Sawn oak flooring collection is available only in solid oak option.

Pre-finished oak flooring Antique cross sawn collection

Antique Cross Sawn oak flooring is full of character. This pre-finished oak flooring collection is truly special for it’s distressing and authentic look. For it’s traditional charm this floor is ideal choice for anyone who wants lots of character.

Antique Tumbled oak flooring

Is filled, sanded oiled and distressed. Distressing is very subtle, adding characteristic features to the floor. Dents on the face of these boards and the slightly battered edge give you the reclaimed look. It will give you an instant warmth, used feel. The flooring has a smooth finish. Antique Tumbled oak flooring is suitable for period houses, where you want to add character and warmth.

Pre-finished oak flooring from Antique Tumbled collection

Antique Tumbled collection is full of character. It’s subtle distressing is so fine it is barely visible, but enough to give this flooring the reclaimed look.

Chevron and Herringbone parquet flooring

This pre finished oak flooring comes in Colonial (wire-brushed) and Antique Tumbled range. Also available in Natural oak, Smoked oak, White oak, Light grey oak, Dark grey oak, Smoked White oak, Double smoked oak finishes.

Herringbone solid oak flooring comes in two options. The smaller or traditional size blocks are in solid oak.  Our larger sized herringbone parquet flooring comes in engineered oak.

Pre-finished herringbone oak flooring collection

Pre-finished chevron and Herringbone oak flooring comes in the Antique Tumbled and Colonial finish. The herringbone collection is full of sophistication. Wide choice of colours and finishes will suit any interior design.

One of the advantages of the prefinished oak flooring is that the finish on our floorboards is consistent. This is important when the customer wants to match the floor in their properties. Fitting of the pre-finished oak flooring is quicker and more cost-effective than unfinished flooring option. Pre-finished oak flooring does not need filling, sanding and oiling after the flooring installation unlike the unfinished oak. It minimises the installation time and disruption.

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