Repairing water damaged oak flooring

In some cases with water damaged oak flooring it is difficult to determine the source of the moisture as most of the moisture absorbed by a wood floor is from the bottom rather then from the top surface. It is very important to establish the source of moisture as soon as possible as the wood will continue to absorb more water which can lead to an extensive damage.

Fine Oak Flooring has recently carried out repairs of water damaged oak flooring. We originally fitted this floor about eight years ago in Docklands, east London. It was a natural grade solid oak flooring 20mm thick and 150mm wide with square edge.

The flooring was damaged by a leaking pipe in the kitchen. Flooring swelled and warped extensively by water that spread quickly damaging a large part of the oak flooring. Water damaged oak flooring is difficult to repair and required knowledge and skill. Carefully removed all affected flooring not to damage the good floorboards.

Once the leaking pipe fixed we cleaned the concrete sub-floor from the adhesive. The preparation of sub-floor started once the concrete was dry. Levelled the concrete with latex levelling compound and then treated with Sika Primer MB. This is a two component resin primer which acts also as damp-proofing membrane. Left the primer to dry for 24 hours before the new oak flooring installation.

We filled the knots of the newly fitted oak with dark filler. Sanded down all of the flooring with a belt sander to level the old and the newly fitted flooring. Filled the gaps and cracks with a mixture of resin and very fine saw dust. Finally we sanded the whole area of the flooring again with a fine grade sandpaper. Sanded oak flooring finished with two coats of Osmo Polyx oil.

There are a number of different types of water damage that can occur to the oak flooring and each will require different methods of treatment. A good assessment of a type of damage is required and an extensive knowledge and skills to bring the oak flooring back to its natural glory.

Water damaged oak flooring was removed

Water damaged oak flooring removed and the place dried. Once the concrete dried, we levelled the concrete and treated it with Sika Primer. This epoxy resin primer seals the surface of the concrete. When dry, the surface of the concrete sub-floor is strong and gluing can start. It take about 24 hours to dry. Normally we treat the flooring a day before installation.

Repairing water damaged oak flooring

Seamlessly joining the original flooring. This is important not to see where the damage was.

Water damaged oak flooring was repaired

Repaired water damaged oak flooring. Filled, sanded before the two coats of hardwax oil finish